Integrate QuickBooks with Microsoft Outlook

QuickBooks is highly advanced and efficient accounting software that is suitable for your business needs. The software stays compatible with third-party email clients such as Microsoft Outlook. The outlook is one of the most commonly used application, and it becomes quite beneficial to integrate both the apps. If you are looking forward to syncing the QuickBooks program to their Microsoft Outlook Email client, the users are required to download the QuickBooks Contact Sync Tool which is free of cost and this tool is provided by QuickBooks through online platform. After installing this tool, the clients can synchronize QuickBooks contact with Outlook easily. You can get in touch with QuickBooks 24 hours customer support to know about the process or read the blog to implement the process manually.

What are the reasons behind QuickBooks integration with Microsoft Outlook?

Many professionals and business personals create an account with Microsoft Outlook as it is one of the most preferred email application that is developed by Microsoft to help people manage their business emails. Nowadays people are looking forward to sync Outlook with QuickBooks desktop in order to gain incredible experience and also work on the user-friendly interface. Here are some benefits of this integration. Take a look at the list given below:

  • The emails processing speed will become much faster
  • The option of customized calendar available
  • The users will get attachment reminder for emails
  • You could also work offline
  • Feature of Inter-communication
  • Messages could be imported and exported from one platform to another easily
  • The contacts could be merged
  • Emails tracking facilities
  • You could manage the alerts
  • Options of using Shortcuts and Hotkeys
  • Availability of Ribbon and Navigation bar
  • Could connect socially with people

How to Integrate QuickBooks Desktop with Microsoft Outlook?

  • Open the support website of QuickBooks and search for QuickBooks Contact Sync Tool for Microsoft Outlook. Download the tool. In order to register the application and save it in the system, you will be asked to provide your authentic email address. You can save the application on the desktop so that it is easier for you to locate.
  • After that exit the program and move to the location (desktop) where you had saved the application after it got downloaded. Double click on QuickBooksContactSync.exe file and after that complete the installation procedure.
  • In the end, click on ‘Next’ and wait for 2 minutes once the installation process is over
  • After that, Accept the terms and conditions by clicking on Agree.
  • Now again click on ‘Next’ and select where you want to save the application, again click on ‘Next’ and wait till you get the option of ‘Finish.’ Only after that, the installation process will be complete.
  • Now open QuickBooks in the OS and login via admin rights. Open the file that you want to sync with Outlook
  • After that start, Outlook and Contact Sync Setup Assistant will open on its own. Now click on ‘Get started’ and after that, click on ‘Finish.’
  • Now click on ‘Add-in’ tabs and after that move to the option of ‘Synchronize Contacts.’

This process will help you to successfully integrate and synchronize the Contacts with Microsoft Outlook and use the platform for business integrations. If you come across any issue while performing the given steps, then the users can get in touch with QuickBooks helpline phone number.