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QuickBooks, an efficient software designed to manage the tax, accounting, and bookkeeping services for flourishing your modern age business. The users can maintain records of the accounts easily, pay the employees in an easy and hassle-free manner, and also ensure that tax deductions get processed at the right time. The users can also keep a check on the monthly financial report to understand the cash flow and plan better for the future. Enhance the accounts receivable process to ensure a profit and save valuable time. And in case you wish to acquire technical assistance at any time, then just dial QuickBooks technical support number and have a word with the certified experts.

What are the benefits of working with QuickBooks?

  • You can create customized reports about the company’s profit and loss
  • It also helps to create a pro forma invoice
  • Helps to modify the memorized report
  • Provides you information about Budgets and Forecast
  • How you can enter and delete transactions by batch
  • How to use Audit Trail in QuickBooks
  • The users can also add a pay now button to the invoice
  • It also provides an option of QuickBooks Pro Email Setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question : How to create a final paycheck for a terminated employee?

Answer: Every employer in the company has to give a final paycheck to their employees at the time of termination. The duration can vary accordingly. In case you are looking for an option to create a termination paycheck, then you must follow the instructions given below:

  • Open QuickBooks software and navigate to Payroll Center.
  • Go to other activities at the bottom of the page and from there, select the option of ‘Pay Employees.’
  • Now click on Create Termination Check
  • Now enter the following details- Pay period Ends and Check Date. Try to select a check date for the day you are processing the payment or future date in order to avoid late payments
  • After that confirm the ban account
  • Put a tick mark near the employee to whom you wish to give the termination paycheck
  • Go to the calendar and select the release date of the employee
  • Choose the reasoning for termination from the ROE code
  • Verify the working hours and the salary and confirm all the details
  • Confirm it and click on the option to create a paycheck.

Question : How to record ACH payment?

Answer: By recording an ACH payment in QuickBooks Enterprise, you can send and receive payments electronically. The steps for recording it in QuickBooks are:

  • Choose the ACH Payment method after you receive the payment or create a one time or recurring sales receipt
  • Provide information about the customer’s bank account.
  • You will be required to get authorization from the customer. You can ask them to fill a form.
  • After that, continue with the transfer process and get paid for each transaction you make on their behalf.

Question : How to use QuickBooks budget and forecast report for tracking the company’s growth?

Answer: Creating a report about your company’s budget as well as revenues will help you to keep a track record of its growth. This will also enable you to identify various options about to cost saving. You can take a look at some of the reporting ideas given below

  • Create a Company and Financial report to see how well the company is doing financially
  • With the help of Customer and Receivable report, come to know how much the buyer owes you
  • Sales Report provides you information about the orders, pending sales, etc.
  • With Vendor and Payable Reports, you can have an overview of how much money does the company owes to the vendors

For knowing more, you can always get in touch with the technical experts at QuickBooks customer care.

Question : What are the benefits of creating a mobile inventory scanner report?

Answer: Mobile Inventory scanner is quite useful for managing the QuickBooks features and perform multiple tasks. This software also stays compatible with the USB device or Bluetooth. In order to proceed with the steps of mobile inventory scanning, follow the steps given below

  • Open QuickBooks Enterprise and login via Admin user
  • Go to the Menu bar>Edit and Preferences.
  • After that go to Items and Inventory and tap on the option of Advanced Inventory settings
  • Then click on Site Operations tab